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Hi!  I'm Chef Keith Kornfeld.  I now offer fans and followers the opportunity to own The Secret Recipe - The Cookbook.  

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For your purchase, you will receive the
Cajun Asian Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce recipe

15 delicious cookbook recipes
on the many ways to use the sauce

For a download of this PDF

      Thank you for stopping by my website.  I am a New Orleans native who has spent many years as an executive chef in luxurious resorts in Hawaii and throughout the South Pacific, as well as Southeast Asia, exploring the cuisines of many nations. Along the way, I fell in love with the people, customs, and food of Thailand. As the Cajun Asian Chef, I have shared that wonderful food by cooking and offering it directly to the public and by teaching countless classes on how to prepare it.

     After returning to my home base in New Orleans in 2008, I turned my attention to perfecting one of my favorite Thai-inspired creations - a complex, sweetly spicy, delicious-on-everything barbecue sauce. I soon entered a barbecue competition, cooking on a small charcoal grill and beating all the big rigs to win first place two years in a row. 

     I call it my Cajun Asian Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce and began marketing it to the restaurant industry as well as to home cooks in 2012.  It is unique - a full-bodied sauce to glaze and enrich whatever food it accompanies and provides a distinct sweetly spicy flavor.

     It did well, with retail sales of 30,000 bottles to 50 supermarkets in three states. However, in 2018 I decided to close the company and discontinue sales. Cajun Asian fans were disappointed, as they let me know by phone, email, Facebook, and other media. Through the years they have asked me again and again how they could once again, buy Love in a Bottle, as one Cajun Asian enthusiast described it.

     Now I have the answer – THE SECRET IS OUT!

     Early in 2022, I dusted off the envelope that contained “The Secret,” the Exact Recipe. After four years, it was time to share Love in a Bottle once again with fans, but with a twist-  OWN THE SECRET RECIPE!

     Most chefs keep their recipes sacred, and so do I. I have also always promoted cooking at home with family and friends.  I knew Cajun Asian Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce actually brought fun into people’s food and lives. I wanted to share that again with the world.

     I decided that sharing “The Secret Recipe” would allow fans and future admirers the opportunity once again to enjoy the flavors of Cajun Asian Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce without delay. A few years ago, I compiled some of my most successful recipes using Cajun Asian Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce in a small user-friendly cookbook that reveals the exact recipe to the tablespoon. These easy to use recipes with my color photos on how to use Cajun Asian Sweet Chili BBQ sauce will
share the many ways fans will benefit from purchasing The Secret Recipe for their food fun.


     To my knowledge, there is no other sauce on the current market that matches Cajun Asian Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce flavor profile. The balance of easy to find ingredients is “The Secret” to the sauce. It is a superb blend for barbecues, stir-fries, and dips, as well as perfect for a sandwich spread, salad dressing or marinade.

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